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My name is Robert Baker, and I am a Senior Media Consultant and Owner of SpaceAge Consulting LLC. While working on a Video system upgrade for a local church, we were tasked to replace a previous generation PTZ camera and controller setup.

The Scenario:

With a lack of good interior lighting, and a lighting upgrade not part of the budget for the project, the list of affordable PTZ cameras was quite short. Add to that, SDI and NDI capabilities were a MUST HAVE for the church, along with a new IP based PTZ Controller. Thankfully, BZBGEAR made the choice easy. The church needed cameras that would connect to the current SDI infrastructure when using the SDI switcher, but could also be managed and controlled over NDI when coupled directly with our vMix streaming setup. 


We decided to go with three (3) UPTZ 30x cameras and the BG-Commander PTZ controller. The cameras checked off all the boxes for the church: SDI/NDI video capabilities, POE (power over ethernet) operation, noise reduction ability for low light environments color, exposure and focus control, great 1080p image, mountable, remote-controlled cameras to complement personnel operated cameras and affordable pricing.

In some regard, the BG-Commander is the star of the show. As a PTZ controller, it is easy to set up, can be configured to work with many different makes and models of PTZ cameras, is well constructed, needs no special software to program – programming takes place using the pads at your fingertips, can be powered and provides control with one cable (to a POE switch). Additionally, it is simple to operate. 

I’ve sold organizations on BZBGEAR equipment just by demoing the BG-Commander! What had made selling and deploying BZBGEAR such an easy choice for SpaceAge Consulting was the way our company was able to be on-boarded so quickly; and how quickly we can get support when we have questions on pricing, on equipment availability or need technical support. BZBGEAR is a rare company, where we can still pick up a phone, call and reach a person. Or we get answers by email in less than 24 hours. 


Because BZBGEAR stands behind their products and behind SpaceAge Consulting, as integrators we are happy to promote, sell and install BZBGEAR equipment to our clients. We look forward to years of supporting BZBGEAR as they support us on our mission to make every house a streaming house.