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Custom 3x3-55" Touch Wall

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Custom 3x3-55
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Custom 3x3-55

Built in 1926 on land owned by the Vanderbilt Family, The Barclay was a luxury hotel, known to be elegant, glamorous and popular among New York’s glitterati.  It was home to many famous personalities including Ernest Hemingway, Marlon Brando and many others.  Designed by Cross and Cross, the same architects that designed Tiffany and Company, the hotel has gone through a number of renovations and restorations in its long and storied history.  The most recent in 2016 created the Harold S. Vanderbilt Penthouse which reflects The Barclay’s commitment to refined service and unforgettable accommodations.  Featuring floor to ceiling windows and offering breathtaking views of Midtown Manhattan and the Chrysler building, the 2,700 square foot penthouse boasts an additional 1,300 square feet of outdoor space in the private terrace.  Offering two rooms, one master bedroom and a second bedroom, the Harold S. Vanderbilt Penthouse transports guests to their very own New York City residence.

 As in any residence, whether permanent or temporary, technology plays an important role in providing a comfortable, enjoyable yet practical space to call home.  The Vanderbilt Penthouse is no exception and in keeping with the luxury and grandeur of the space, the technology in the penthouse provides guests with an equally unforgettable experience.  The massive 150” diagonal video wall in the living room provides guests with the ability to watch their favorite entertainment, connect to the internet, listen to music, watch their local laptop displayed on the giant screen and even connect to remote locations via video, should they require it.

With such extensive capabilities, providing a simple control interface for users was critical.  To achieve that goal, Cybertouch’s interactive control surface was installed.  The touch wall allows a user to control the features of the system through simple touch gestures on the display.  Using preset configurations, guests can utilize a single touch to execute complex commands that set the system to the desired set up.  Because of Cybertouch’s unique ability to provide accurate interpretation of touch and gesture, guests never have to concern themselves with positioning or proximity of their touch, the system eliminates that variable.

Providing their guests with the Cybertouch touch wall feature further enhances the guest experience in the Penthouse suite and provides a technological enhancement that places the space in the category of the most advanced conference and entertainment venues in the world.  Exactly what you’d expect from one of the premier hotels in the world.