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CyberTouch Touch Wall and Table at The Mob Museum

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CyberTouch Touch Wall and Table at The Mob Museum
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Located in a former Las Vegas courthouse, The Mob Museum provides visitors with a first-hand interactive journey through the history and stories of organized crime in the United States. Exhibits include tours and films that will take visitors from organized crime in the 1950’s up until the museums newest exhibits such as the “Organized Crime Today” and “Crime Lab” exhibits. These exhibits shed light on the most notorious organized crime figures using a CyberTouch 16-foot-long multi-user interactive touch wall and a CyberTouch 7-foot-long touch table.

The “Organized Crime Today” exhibit exposes contemporary crime networks, and their ability to extend across national borders. All of this information is conveyed through a CyberTouch Invidia Touch Wall- where each of the eight ultra-narrow bezel monitors relay distinctive information through custom software allowing multiple visitors to interact simultaneously. In the “Crime Lab” exhibit, the CyberTouch 7-foot long table is put to use allowing visitors to examine human cadavers as a coroner would. Custom software allows visitors to physically manipulate the cadaver and view an investigation of death in the eyes of a medical examiner.