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The STRAT Hotel CyberTouch Kiosks

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The STRAT Hotel CyberTouch Kiosks
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The STRAT hotel in Las Vegas, NV (previously Stratosphere) is currently in the tail-end of a largescale renovation of the entire hotel by adding freshly updated guest rooms, casino and restaurant, 108 Eats in the SkyPod. Featured in the new restaurant are 6 CyberTouch Echo 55” 4K monitors with projected capacitive touch technology custom-made to fit customer-supplied millwork. These kiosks are located at the edges of the 108-story-high SkyPod, where patrons are able to interact with a Gigapixel map of Las Vegas attractions. CyberTouch designed and manufactured the technology hardware portion along with onboard custom mini-pc and internal automatic cooling system for heat management in enclosed millwork. CyberTouch worked conjointly with millwork designers to develop a kiosk that fits the aesthetic of the remodel of the STRAT and a kiosk that is capable of running 24/7 in bright ambient light, withstand high-traffic areas and maintain integrity after exposure to liquids. 


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