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Forbes Goes Green
Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Forbes Goes Green At Forbes Industries, responsible environmental policies have always been seen as sound business policies. We care a great deal about the health and welfare of all our stakeholders, the community where we operate and the planet we all share. We have a long-standing corporate commitment to providing a safe and healthful work place, conserving energy and resources and protecting the environment. We are proud of the specific actions we have taken to implement sound environmental stewardship:

• For over 20 years we have been at the forefront of low emissions coating processes: powder coating for our metal products and low VOC water-based coatings for our wood products.

• We have consistently eliminated solvent-based products from our manufacturing processes in favor of low-emission water based products; this includes our adhesives, stains, and cleaning products.

• Our award-winning recycling programs have both saved us cost and prevented tons of material from entering the waste stream.

• Our factory has been recognized by the Department of Energy for our energy saving initiatives, including lighting and energy saving equipment.

• Our factory is 100% closed loop, and discharges no industrial process water into the environment.

• We prefer to do business with local suppliers that share the same commitment to responsible business practices.

• All raw materials are evaluated on the basis of recycled content or sustainability, as well as cost and availability.

• Our products are designed and built to provide a long service life, reducing the need for disposal and complete replacement. Many customers have used our products for 15-20 years or more.

For Forbes Industries, taking care of our planet is part of taking care of business.

Date: Sep 13, 2011