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Telemetrics Demonstrates RoboEye Integrated HD Camera / Robotic PTZ at BVE 2015
Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


London (February 24, 2015) – Telemetrics Inc. is showing the company’s RoboEye integrated HD camera/robotic PTZ here at BVE 2015. Designed for an extensive range of broadcast and production applications, as well as commercial and industrial military use, RoboEye delivers HD imaging and high-end robotics performance in a single cost-effective package. RoboEye provides out of the box operation for on-air and augmented reality systems. 

"RoboEye allows video systems to be designed and expanded with a professional HD camera robotics solution that delivers exceptional performance at a very competitive price point," said Anthony Cuomo, President, Telemetrics, Inc. 

RoboEye features a Sony Exmor 2.18-megapixel CMOS image sensor to capture HD images, with exceptional color reproduction with a 30X zoom lens for extraordinary focal range. A S/N ratio of 50dB and a sensitivity level of F8 at 2,000 lux helps ensure high quality image output. RoboEye provides native 1,920 x 1,080 HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, as well as SD composite video outputs in NTSC and PAL formats. For added versatility, its HD and video outputs can be used simultaneously and multiple cameras can be genlocked. For operator convenience, gain set-up is automatic with a manual override and up to 1,000 presets can be stored. 

RoboEye’s advanced electronic interface includes a web-server enabling users to access video and control using a web-enabled device. Alternatively, the camera can be remotely controlled over an Ethernet connection or via RS-232C/422. A USB port is also included. 

The integrated pan/tilt unit is equipped with servo motors for maximum accuracy in positioning and velocity. It has a pan/tilt velocity of 0.01 - 90°/second, a stop accuracy of 0.03° and a feedback accuracy of 0.000375°. The precise specifications also make RoboEye perfect for use in virtual systems to provide virtual augmented images. The integrated unit is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications and has an ingression rating of IP65. 

RoboEye camera integrates with Telemetrics’ comprehensive line of robotic camera systems including control panels/software, camera track and trolley systems, wall mount systems, elevating tripod systems, device servers and coax/fiber camera systems.