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Telemetrics Robotics Help Medical Institutions Train Tomorrow’s Doctors
Posted on Friday, August 28, 2020
Telemetrics Robotics Help Medical Institutions Train Tomorrow’s Doctors

Ceiling-Mounted Robotic Camera Control Technology Has Been At The Forefront of Numerous Medial Teaching Facilities.

Allendale, NJ (August 28, 2020) — With reliable, hands-free operation and precise smooth motion, a variety of robotic camera control systems from Telemetrics, a leader in robotic camera control, continues to be the premiere choice among the country’s most prestigious media teaching institutions.

The latest, Fresenius Medical Care, in Norwood, Mass., where the school has installed two RCCP-M Robotic Camera Control Panels and two robotically controlled Camera Track Systems (CTS) mounted on the ceiling to capture surgical procedures in real time and share them with the school’s medical students. The installation project was handled by DGI Technologies, based in Billerica Mass.

Other medical colleges that have embraced Telemetrics proven and reliable robotics technology include Duke University School of Medicine, Philadelphia College Osteopathic Medicine and Thomas Jefferson University.

“Telemetrics technology has been at the center of numerous medial training facilities because it does not intrude on what is being taught,” said Anthony Cuomo, President of Telemetrics. “Our CTS camera track system is unique in its simplicity and longevity. It has been utilized successfully in various applications for many years. The ceiling-mounted track system is remotely controlled and it’s all they need to easily record and share medical procedures internally and with other remote campuses and institutions.”

The CTS Track System

Leveraging Telemetrics pan/tilt mechanisms and controllers, the CTS2 Camera Track System provides smooth operating variable speed and accurate servo motor control to support all types of operations. The lightweight aluminum track system—also used for broadcast, digital cinematography and virtual sets—offers preset position storage and motion recall. Users also have the option to start and stop all axes simultaneously if required.

Available in straight or curved configurations with adjustable ceiling and wall mounting brackets, the CTS2 can be mounted upright or inverted and be ordered in custom lengths and curve sections to fit any production environment. The modular tracks can also be used in an “H” configuration for overhead X-Y positioning. Offering a Direct Drive Trolley, the CTS2 can be interfaced with the Telemetrics ECM-PT-S2 Extendable Camera Mount to elevate the camera’s positioning even higher.

The use of robotic cameras in the medical research and training industries has resulted in increased demand for Telemetrics’ ultra-precise CTS ceiling track system to support a wide array of teaching applications. One system was installed at the Human Fresh Tissue Lab at the Duke University School of Medicine. It’s outfitted with a Sony PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera with pristine HD clarity. BridgePoint, Inc., a full-service construction company based in Durham, NC, helped install the new Telemetrics system.

“We have had nothing but positive comments from all of the Doctors who utilize the lab,” said Dave Finch,Project Manager, Duke Health Facility Planning, Design & Construction.

A video of the Human Fresh Tissue Lab at the Duke University School of Medicine can be found here:

Telemetrics has received lots of positive comments from the doctors around the world that utilize these video conferencing labs because they can now clearly see and share live video imagery during a procedure that they couldn’t before. Telemetrics technology is also often cited as one of the keys to helping research and training facilities drive down the cost of their activities.