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POV Flexibility Climbs Even Higher
Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Remotely Controlled Camera Pedestal Shoots Camera Height Up to 12 Feet.
Las Vegas, NV (April 20, 2009) – Telemetrics Inc., the industry leader in camera robotics and control systems, has added further depth and height to its successful Televator® product line with the recent release of the EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal.  The remotely controlled motorized column can quickly be elevated in height from 4 feet to 12 feet and is ideal for a variety of applications, both outdoors and in studios.
“The EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal was originally custom designed for use in our Robotic Ballpark Systems as part of the Dugout Cam configuration being employed by Major League Baseball, but its form and function has such broad appeal for other applications that we added it as a core product in our Televator lineup,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. “It’s a cost effective and reliable alternative for capturing unique Point of View (POV) images.”
Designed for fast and smooth elevation at the maximum rate of 1.8 ft/sec, the EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal offers added production flexibility versus traditional weather cams. For outdoor use, the EP-S3 can be used with Telemetrics’ Weatherproof Pan/Tilt Heads and Housings, as well as third party products.
The EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal is fully compatible with Telemetrics Camera Control Software solutions and features preset positioning as well as servo control for smooth, quiet operation. It has a maximum payload of 60 pounds and is available in custom lengths and colors. 
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Telemetrics, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of camera control components and systems for broadcast, industrial, educational and military applications. The company’s highly specialized line includes: camera robotics systems including programmable computer controlled pan/tilt mechanisms, weatherproof camera robotic systems, motorized camera trolley systems, advanced control software, and a wide variety of programmable controllers. Additional products include camera control systems through triax cable, RF and fiber links and teleconferencing and distance learning systems.