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Telemetrics Camera Robotics Help Major League Baseball
Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Unique Camera Robotic Systems Deliver Premium POV Content.
Las Vegas, NV (April, 2009) – Major League Baseball (MLB) Network has begun installing remotely controlled camera systems in all 30 stadiums to provide fans with unprecedented POV live camera shots. The innovative “Ballpark Cam” systems were designed and are now being installed by CBT Systems, of San Diego, CA, based on technologies provided by Telemetrics and various broadcast equipment manufacturers.
CBT Systems’ Ballpark Cam systems include Telemetrics’ Televator® EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal, Weatherproof Pan/Tilt Heads and Housings, and
DS-4 Device Servers. Additionally, Telemetrics’ Remote Control Panels (RCP)  and Control Software with touch screen user interface are also installed at MLB’s broadcast facility in Secaucus, NJ. MLB Network’s 140,000 square foot studio space which is tied into all 30 major league ballparks, features two large studios – one of which contains a half-sized baseball infield complete with a mound, dugouts and scoreboards.
“Telemetrics is proud to be a part of Major League Baseball’s success in incorporating state-of-the-art camera robotics technology into their ballparks and television broadcasts,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. “These innovative systems allow MLB’s operators to easily capture and access premium content from a unique perspective to further stimulate fans’ attention and viewing experience.”
The “Dugout Cam” POV camera features Telemetrics Televator EP-S3 Weatherproof Elevating Pedestal, which is a remotely controlled motorized camera pedestal that elevates from 4 to 12 feet at a maximum rate of 1.8 ft/sec. The unit is ideal for dugout interviews as well as capturing field or stadium views. In addition to the Dugout Cam systems, each ballpark will have between two and five additional robotic POV cameras including camera robotic systems located in center field. The center field cameras will be mounted on Telemetrics Weatherproof Pan/Tilt Heads and enclosed in Telemetrics’ Weatherproof housings. 
Camera control via IP connection to all 30 ballparks is accomplished from MLB’s NJ studio using Telemetrics Remote Control Panels (RCP) and Control Software. The MLB broadcast center expects to program up to 20 camera pre-sets for each of the approximate 180 cameras to be included on the network. To simplify operator control, Telemetrics’ RCP’s are installed with touch screen monitors that display on-screen camera and ballpark identification. Additionally, Telemetrics’ DS-4 Device Servers are used to connect to the stadium equipment via an Ethernet network.

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About Telemetrics, Inc.
Telemetrics, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of camera control components and systems for broadcast, industrial, educational and military applications. The company’s highly specialized line includes: camera robotics systems including programmable computer controlled pan/tilt mechanisms, weatherproof camera robotic systems, motorized camera trolley systems, advanced control software, and a wide variety of programmable controllers. Additional products include camera control systems through triax cable, RF and fiber links and teleconferencing and distance learning systems.