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Telemetrics Adds Latest Cameras For New Outdoor Image Capture System
Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2021
Telemetrics Adds Latest Cameras For New Outdoor Image Capture System

Installing The Latest Long-Range Cameras Inside a Telemetrics PT-WP-S5 Pan/Tilt Head Camera Housing Can Help Capture People Or Objects From Far Distances.

Allendale, NJ (March 22, 2021) — Telemetrics, a leader in robotic camera control systems, is now offering its PT-WP-S5 Pan/Tilt Head outdoor camera housing as an ideal complement to the long-range surveillance camera FUJIFILM SX800 (hereafter SX800) as well as to the Astrodesign 8K Super Hi-Vision(SHV) camera. Both camera systems are designed for use in live sports and high-profile security environments, where ultra-high quality, and extreme-detail image capture is critical.

"The modular design of the PT-WP-S5 Pan/Tilt Head camera housing enables users to add their camera of choice," said Michael Cuomo, Vice President of Telemetrics. "As the demand for higher resolution imagery continues, Telemetrics is now adding the latest long-range cameras into this versatile system to enable new applications in live sports, security and anywhere you need a camera mounted in a hard-to-reach position."

The new system is remotely controlled with a Telemetrics RCCP-2A Robotic Camera Control Panel, which has proven to be very precise and effective, over short or far distances.

The Housing

The Telemetrics PT-WP-S5 Motorized Housing offers TV stations the ability to implement TrafficCam and city vista footage into their newscasts. It also provides high-level security environments with worry-free security, uncompromising performance and broadest-quality imagery in a fully integrated remotely controlled camera system. Six Telemetrics PT-WP-S5 systems with an Astrodesign 8K camera inside have also been implemented by a professional football team to create the industry's first multi-camera 8K replay system.

A built-in, servo-controlled robotic pan tilt head offers smooth operation in a rugged, easy-access metal enclosure. This robust, remotely operated robotic pan tilt head, metal housing and software system accommodates—and protects—the camera (and lens) inside that's ideal for high-quality, no-nonsense outdoor applications.

The Cameras

The FUJIFILM SX800 uses a sensor large enough for its lens's effective diameter to secure full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), thereby delivering footage of premium quality, and the Astrodesign CM-9010-B 8K camera installed inside a Telemetrics PT-WP-S5 camera housing makes for a powerful combination to help identify people or objects from far distances.

The SX800 is equipped with a 40x optical zoom lens that covers a broad range of focal lengths from 20mm on the wide angle end to 800mm on the telephoto end. The SX800 offers a hybrid stabilizer that features a combination of both optical & electronic stabilization to compensate for unwanted camera vibration.

With a fisheye lens attached to the Astrodesign CM-9010-B 8K SHV camera, users can shoot at extreme wide angles in high resolution with no stitching. By connecting with an editing/streaming server, real-time 8KVR streaming is also possible. This uniquely designed camera system includes an integrated camera head that connects to a camera control unit (CCU). The connection between the camera head and CCU can be extended up to 100 meters with the use of a U-SDI cable.

Optional A/C Unit

The Telemetrics PT-WP-S5 housing is also available with the optional WPO Mini Air Conditioner, which is designed to maintain a consistent temperature inside the housing, even under the most extreme heat conditions. This avoids overheating of the camera to ensure reliable unmanned operations in hot climates.

About Astrodesign

Since its founding in 1977, with high-end niche as a corporate philosophy, Astrodesign has sought possibilities in a market that was underdeveloped and technically difficult for large enterprises to enter. We have developed a large array of products and expanded our business beyond expectations. Specializing in real-time high-speed digital signal processing technology, we have developed several "world's first" or "first in Japan" products, including our many 8K devices.


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