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CPS Symphony Control System
Posted on Friday, April 15, 2011
CPS Symphony Control System

CPS Symphony Control System Redefines Entertainment Production

Las Vegas, NV (April 11, 2011) – Telemetrics Inc. unveiled a new version of their popular camera control system software to meet the growing demands for a multi-camera controller used in the production of live entertainment events such as symphonies and other orchestrated shows. The new CPS Symphony Control System offers a flexible architecture for control of camera positions, CCU controls, and peripheral devices and is designed to provide single operator, efficient control of all operations.

“Capturing and holding the audience’s attention by providing an engaging experience with the music and the musicians is the new benchmark for concert productions,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. “Our new CPS Symphony Control System provides the technology to help producers create and achieve this more natural and attentive television viewing experience.”

The Telemetrics CPS Symphony Control System is designed for use with Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi Z Series, and JVC cameras and can control up to 16 cameras/devices per show with flexible transmission capability. The Telemetrics Control Panel Interface allows for manual trim and preset recall of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, track/pedestal, dolly, iris and master pedestal controls.

Features designed for production ease and fluidity include the ability to create a storyboard of camera shots where clusters of shots can be recalled simultaneously, or a show can be scripted using shots from the shot bank to build a show. The visual presentation of sequential shots is simultaneously timed for on-air pan/tilt/zoom/focus converging moves and when recalling a shot, all axes begin and end simultaneously to create on-air quality moves.

Position presets, which are stored in shot banks of up to 160 presets per camera and/or 99 clusters of shots, include memorized pan, tilt, zoom, focus, track/pedestal, dolly, iris and master pedestal positions with a still image and caption; user assignable shot transition times from one to 30 seconds; cut/fade modes for preset recall where cut over-rides the user assigned time; preset recall of other cameras without switching manual control off the trim camera; pan/tilt calibration for ease of replacement; and drag/drop for easy re-arrangement of presets.

For added operation convenience, the Telemetrics CPS Symphony Control System also features: preset video switcher for still image capture and robotics operator preview; scene presets accessible from the main page (with captions); live video display for robotics operator preview; 16 tally inputs; and remote automation interface for manual and preset robotic control.

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