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CNBC's London Studio Showcases Automated Technologies
Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2011
CNBC's London Studio Showcases Automated Technologies

Mahwah, NJ  – Telemetrics Inc, the industry leader in camera robotics and control systems for robotic camera systems, has added a new entry to its impressive list of international projects with the recent installation at CNBC’s newly revamped London studios.

The state of the art studio has increased in size by 40 percent and is complemented by a 10-camera system, robotically controlled . The Telemetrics system provides dynamic camera angles for a variety of on-air presentation positions in the new studio space.

“The Telemetrics robotic heads have created tangible ways for CNBC to develop rich and more engaging viewing experiences for their audience,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. “The use of robotics is an integral part of CNBC’s breakthrough approach to integrating broadcast and digital technologies and we are extremely pleased to be a valued technical partner.”

The Telemetrics system includes four remotely controlled pan/tilt heads, two of which are ceiling mounted and inverted to the left and right of the main studio floor. The remaining two pan/tilt heads are mounted, facing each other on Telemetrics Elevating Wall Mount vertical track sets. The Telemetrics Elevating Wall Mount is a remote controlled camera positioning system that offers vertical positioning to the pan and tilt camera movement and adds a movement similar to that of a pedestal, but with greater height ranges.

CNBC’s Fleet Place facilities in London are the European headquarters for CNBC and the studio upgrade was managed internally by Neil Burt, CNBC’s Head of Technical Operations, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Using robotic camera control systems from Vinten/Radamec, Mr. Burt’s team was able to more easily configure the multi-functional studio space and alternative settings for the broadcaster’s daily programs as well as utilize current equipment.

“An important aspect in our decision to go with the Telemetrics system is its small footprint, along with a reputation for quality performance and reliability,” said Mr. Burt. “It was also very important that it could integrate with our existing Radamec controller in the gallery.”

Along with CNBC, Telemetrics robotic and camera control systems are used by Canada’s Global TV, China’s ShenZhen TV, CNN, BBC, The Weather Channel, Major League Baseball (MLB) and others. The CNBC London project was supported locally by Bright Space Technologies, a Telemetrics partner, with assistance by Metreel.