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Telemetrics TeleGlide® System Creates New Visual Appeal and Network Style Production for CCTV Nairobi
Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Telemetrics TeleGlide® System Creates New Visual Appeal and Network Style Production for CCTV Nairobi




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Telemetrics TeleGlide® System Creates New Visual Appeal

and Network Style Production for CCTV Nairobi

iPad Controlled Turnkey System Designed and Built by Controlled Entropy

Telemetrics CCTV Africa PTZ 2 Lo Res.jpg Telemetrics CCTV Africa PTZ 3 Lo Res.jpg

Mahwah, NJ (October 23, 2012) – Entertainment technology is the descriptive used by Kevin Centanni, President and Owner of Controlled Entropy, Inc. when asked to explain the core business of his company. Whether the application is an interactive exhibit for a museum or a video wall for a retail store or a touchscreen display for a television talk show, Controlled Entropy develops the intelligent control software and integrates it with the various pieces of equipment to create a unique, custom-tailored entertainment technology solution.


This caliber of experience and reputation brought Controlled Entropy to the attention of CCTV (Central China Television) which had been opening up news bureaus in different cities around the world. According to Mr. Centanni, his company was contracted to design and install some of the technology for use on set and on air at CCTV’s Africa television studios in Nairobi, Kenya. This included installing a video wall, touchscreen software, media servers, and other broadcast equipment.


In designing the system, Mr. Centanni notes that making the small studio appear bigger to the viewer required a little extra ingenuity and resourcefulness on his part, but the solution was readily found with a Telemetrics linear camera track system.


“I knew a camera track system would give us the effect we wanted and also give the floor director more creative scope in the opening and closing shots,” said Mr. Centanni. “I had used Telemetrics products in the past in other installations and I was sure they would have something that would fit our needs.”


In discussing the decision to go with the Telemetrics camera track system, Mr. Centanni said he liked the fact that Telemetrics’ core business is camera robotics and control solutions which enabled him to work directly with the engineers and management in incorporating the system into the design and in developing the iPad-controlled software. Additionally, their proximity to Mr. Centanni’s office in Brooklyn, New York allowed him to go to Telemetrics headquarters in New Jersey to learn about the product because he was doing the installation himself.


He says, “Telemetrics was very helpful with me in allowing me to go to their offices. Normally Telemetrics would go on-site and do the install on their own but in my case I insisted that I be allowed to do the installation. I set-up the system the first time in their office and then I set it up on my own at my facility in Brooklyn and found there were a few things I did not understand. I went back to Telemetrics and they carefully guided me through all the nuances of the system so that I was positive I knew how to do it when on location.”


The ruggedness and high quality construction of the TeleGlide TG-3 track system was also an important consideration for Mr. Centanni. Even though the equipment is installed in a controlled studio environment, the Nairobi location suffers from frequent power interruptions. The performance reliability of the track system helps to ensure continued use and customer satisfaction.


“I could not have done this project without the excellent Telemetrics hardware and support,” added Mr. Centanni.  


The custom designed configuration includes a 15 foot long ceiling mounted section of Telemetrics TG-3 TeleGlide linear camera track system. Mounted to the Telemetrics PT-CP-S4 pan-tilt head is a Panasonic AK-HC1800 camera with a Fujinon ZA12X4.5BMD wide angle zoom lens. The system is controlled by an Apple iPad using the custom software created by Controlled Entropy, which allows the CCTV Africa staff to easily control the camera and create repeatable presets and on-air camera moves. The iPad communicates with the Telemetrics hardware via a WiFi link which affords CCTV personnel the ability to freely move throughout their studio while precisely controlling